NC County Snapshots

The North Carolina Association of County Commissioners is pleased to introduce “2015 N.C. County Snapshots: 50 Things to Know About All 100 Counties.” The new “County Snapshots” summary will replace the Association’s “Map Book,” and highlight the demographic, social, and educational statuses of all 100 counties, as the go-to source for the most current data on county characteristics. Scroll down for the interactive snapshots. 

We have compiled data and figures from the most reliable federal and state sources, private agencies, and organizations, and expanded the scope and number of data indicators to provide a more comprehensive picture of North Carolina counties.

“County Snapshots” is divided into five chapters: Education, Demographics, Health and Human Services, Justice and Public Safety, and Economic Development, each with its own subgroups of indicators. Indicators were chosen based upon criteria of timeliness and relevance to current policy discourse, communications from county representatives, as well as our own identification of critical characteristics. Our goal is for this summary to serve as a resource to policymakers and representatives of all 100 counties, assisting you in making the most informed policy decisions possible based on the highest quality research available.

Each indicator is designated with a map or a chart, as well as a legend, explanation of the indicator, and source reference to provide context and clarity. The chapters have their own unique trends, and so the chapters include brief summaries on how to interpret patterns. These summaries will allow policymakers to identify the status of their own counties, and draw comparisons among counties, leading to the exchange of best practices and lessons learned to the benefit of each county.

 A PDF version of “County Snapshots” is available here.   Use the zoom feature on the individual maps below to view county-level data.