North Carolina Property Tax Solution


The North Carolina Property Tax Solution (NCPTS) is a resource available to counties to streamline and optimize all aspects of the property tax process. It is built on software developed by an innovative North Carolina-based company, Farragut, and includes many beneficial features:

  • Consistent application of property tax law by NCPTS counties through best business practices
  • Intuitive system based on established best practices and standards
  • Automated appraisals, billing and collections allow county staff to effectively administer the property tax process
  • Thorough training and maintenance support
  • Collaborative nine-member Oversight Committee that serves to continuously improve NCPTS and promote best practice sharing among member counties
  • Proactive consultation and legislative monitoring of tax-related developments by David Baker, NCACC Director of Tax and Revenue Outreach and former Director of the Local Government Division of NC Division of Revenue
To view the 2022-2023 NCPTS Annual Report, click here.


Core Values

We can do the work we need to do on our own without depending on outside support to make processes work.

We apply NC statutes equitably and consistently to all taxpayers regardless of what county or jurisdiction their property is located in.

We can do what we need to do effectively with little or no unnecessary effort.

The data we create is accurate, reliable and trusted by our stakeholders. We own our data and have the ability to access and use it as needed to better serve our stakeholders.

We understand our software and can use it effectively to maximize the service we provide to our stakeholders.

NCPTS Oversight Committee Members

  • Mike Taylor, Pitt County – OSC Chair
  • Darlene Burgess, Henderson County – Land Records & CAMA
  • Donna Bailey, Guilford County – Land Records & CAMA
  • Nancy Freeman, Orange County – Billing and Collections
  • Lloyd Salter, Beaufort County – Small County
  • Alan Lumpkin, Wayne County – Medium County
  • John Burgiss, Forsyth County – Large County
  • Jennifer Pike, Buncombe County – At-Large
  • Joe Utley, Cumberland County – At-Large
  • Donnie Shumate, Hyde County – At-Large

For more information on NCPTS member benefits, or if your county is interested in becoming a member, please contact David Baker, NCACC Director of Tax and Revenue Outreach.