NCACC aims to provide county commissioners, county staff, and related audiences with data and information useful to understanding and operating the state’s 100 counties. The Association collects and publishes survey data from counties and compiles county-level data from myriad state and federal agencies. This information is divided among the categories seen below.

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County Map Book

Each year, NCACC is pleased to share the year’s most relevant North Carolina county data maps in the County Map Book. These data and map visualizations highlight demographic, economic, health, and educational information from all 100 counties.

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County Budget, Tax,
& Finance Information

The NCACC Budget and Tax Survey is conducted each winter to gather financial information on county budgeted expenditures and tax resources, including in-depth information on school appropriations. Please note that these are self-reported data, and do not reflect audited expenditures or audited revenue.

County Budget & Tax Survey

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County Election Data

County Commissioners are elected in November of each even-numbered year. Commissioners are elected to either 2-year or 4-year terms. This varies by county.

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