Justice and Public Safety Steering Committee

Justice and Public Safety

2023-2024 Justice and Pubic Safety Legislative Goals

Seek legislation to increase the amount paid to county jails by the state to the full cost reimbursement for housing sentenced inmates.

Support legislation that promotes recruitment and retention of both first responders and detention officers in jails, including but not limited to workforce development, pay scale adjustments and/ or studies, and appropriate levels of training and certification standards for these increasingly hard to staff positions.

Support legislation to streamline and expedite the state response to emergency recovery.

Support legislation treating all misdemeanor charges uniformly by removing statutorily imposed compliance defenses to local ordinance violations.

Support efforts to provide greater flexibility to local governments in expenditures of 911 surcharge funds and ensure adequate funding for next-gen technology.

NCACC Justice & Public Safety Guiding Principles

The statewide judicial system and public safety services, including effective ancillary services and programs, should be adequately funded, and staffed in order to provide an efficient environment for judicial and public safety processes, to instill public confidence and to protect our communities.

Adjudication should be swift, in order to minimize overcrowding in county jails.

Bonds should be reasonable, and effective pre-trial screening and population management efforts should be encouraged.

Offenders should be held accountable to society and required to pay a proportionate share of the debt resulting from their offenses, including debt to counties, either through fees based on ability to pay and/or through community service.

Effective prevention programs, alternatives to incarcerations and other related services should be supported in an effort to help reduce recidivism rates and lower county jail costs.

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