County Data and Information

As part of the NCACC’s vision to empower its membership, the Association compiles data and produces research publications for North Carolina counties, partners, and those seeking information on county-level data.

County Map Book

The North Carolina Association of County Commissioners is pleased to share the 2022 County Map Book, compiling relevant North Carolina county data maps into one publication.

These data and map visualizations highlight demographic, economic, health, and educational information from North Carolina’s 100 counties. This annual publication is intended to provide context and promote analysis for decisions at the local level in counties across the state.

Other County Data Resources

NCACC’s Map Book and County Data sheets show some of the most commonly requested information, but further information is available in the data that state and federal agencies collect. The Association also maintains a robust guide to county data sources as a reference for anyone interested in North Carolina county data.

Contact Information

For more information about NCACC’s data resources or for help with county data questions, please contact Fiscal and Policy Research Director Denise Canada at (919) 715-0045.