Legislative Goals Conference

Next Offering

The next Legislative Goals Conference will be held November 16-18 in Wake County.

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Legislative Goals Conference


Every two years, NCACC members engage in a process to determine the legislative goals it should seek in the best interest of the counties. The NCACC goals-setting process begins in August of each even-numbered year and consists of five stages, beginning with the solicitation of proposals from counties and ending with the adoption of the legislative agenda at the Legislative Goals Conference.

The Association’s legislative goals process is thoughtful, deliberative, inclusive and fair. The investment of time and energy, and value of full discourse, strengthens our association as we navigate the legislative currents. The process is designed to create an informed grassroots organization and to build a cohesiveness of purpose within the organization that, in turn, grants a degree of credibility to the association that is unique. All counties and all county officials are invited and encouraged to participate in the legislative goals process.