Ethics Training for County Commissioners

In 2009 the North Carolina General Assembly passed legislation (S.L. 2009-403) that requires local governing boards to adopt a code of ethics (G.S. 160A-86) and requires board members to receive ethics training (G.S. 160A-87).

The education provision requires local governing board members to receive a minimum of 2 clock hours of ethics education within 12 months after initial election or appointment to office and again within 12 months after each subsequent election or appointment to office. The NCACC and N.C. League of Municipalities partner with the School of Government to make ethics training opportunities available to county and municipal officials.

The School of Government has made available on its website a resource guide on the code of ethics and training opportunities. Visit for more information. Current available training opportunities are listed at the bottom of this page.

2021 Offerings

  • Ethics training is included as a part of Essentials of County Government, which is hosted by the UNC School of Government and NCACC. Essentials is being offered virtually and will include two tracks to maximize participation. Dates for the live sessions that include ethics training are:
    • Track 1: Feb. 26
    • Track 2: March 23
  • Incumbent commissioners re-elected in November 2020 can register separately from Essentials of County Government just for the 2 hours of ethics training. Commissioners who choose this option will receive a Zoom link and time to join the newly elected commissioners for this portion of the Essentials course. This option is only available to incumbent county commissioners and municipal elected officials.
  • Ethics training is tentatively planned to be offered at the 114th NCACC Annual Conference on Thursday, Aug. 12, 2021, in New Hanover County.