Services for Counties

Member Services plays an important role in the NCACC’s mission of serving North Carolina counties. NCACC works with member counties to identify, triage and implement solutions to service issues through field visits with county commissioners and staff. In addition, NCACC offers a number of cost-savings and cost-recovery programs to help member counties reduce costs and improve efficiencies.

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NCACC Strategic Member Services (SMS)

Funds directed to county governments through the federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) offer enormous opportunity for county leaders to address challenges unique to their communities and potentially undertake significant capital projects. Additionally, proceeds from the national opioid settlement have enabled counties to help lead the way in recovering from the opioid epidemic on the front lines.

While these funds represent an opportune moment to meet needs and provide services, a complex set of federal and state guidelines accompany the funds along with extensive reporting requirements.

The Association is building internal capacity and expertise to help counties respond to the heightened load of administrative duties through a new service arm, NCACC Strategic Member Services.

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North Carolina Property Tax Solution

The North Carolina Property Tax Solution (NCPTS) is a resource available to counties to streamline and optimize all aspects of the property tax process.

Risk Management Servies

County Risk Group

The North Carolina Association of County Commissioners’ (NCACC) County Risk Group (CRG) offers workers’ compensation and liability and property coverages for counties and related entities. Members of the CRG enjoy comprehensive and affordable coverage specifically designed for local government exposures. Currently, we proudly serve over 70 member counties, including entities in one or both pools within the risk group.

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Partnership with North Carolina Investment Pool

The North Carolina Investment Pool (NCIP) is a commingled local government investment pool established to invest idle funds in various short-term investments in accordance with North Carolina General Statute 159-30.

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Cost-Savings & Cost-Recovery Programs

Programs for recovering from debt and settlements, as well as programs to help save costs.