Steering Committees

NCACC’s seven Steering Committees assist the Board of Directors in setting policy for the Association in the areas of Agriculture, Environment, General Government, Health and Human Services, Justice and Public Safety, Public Education, and Tax and Finance. Steering Committee membership is open to all county commissioners, as well as county staff who specialize in committee-related fields.

Each year, the NCACC President appoints a chairperson to lead and represent each Steering Committee on the Board of Directors. The chair of each Steering Committee plays an important role in leading committee meetings and identifying specific topics for discussion within the committee’s jurisdiction. Steering committee meetings are open to all commissioners.

The Steering Committee chair helps identify subject matter experts to report before the committee and leads the committee’s work in exploring policy options and making recommendations to the Board of Directors. Steering Committee recommendations typically serve as the foundation for NCACC’s guiding principles and legislative goals, which all members vote to approve every two years.