District Meetings

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    Counties Shared … NCACC Listened!

    From January to May, NCACC Executive Director Kevin Leonard traveled the state to attend the Spring 2024 district meetings on the NC County Conversations Tour. During each district meeting, county commissioners and staff shared their challenges, successes and issues impacting counties within the region. “I’m incredibly grateful to be able to get out into the counties and engage with our members,” said NCACC Executive Director Kevin Leonard. “With each meeting, I have truly looked forward to hearing of all the great things happening in our counties and how the Association can better support them.” Below are a few quick links to find some answers to various county questions about NCACC resources. A full recap of this year’s district meetings will be available soon.

Click here to view the 18 multi-county districts and the current District Directors.

District Meetings

NCACC County Conversations Tour

This year, each District Director and their planning team served as the host county for their district’s meeting. NCACC Executive Director Kevin Leonard was also in attendance during each meeting to give an Association update and gain insight from the representing counties. During the “NCACC County Conversations Tour” of District Meetings, the Association asked each county to list the top three major challenges and top three major accomplishments. Be on the lookout for a meeting recap.

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County Conversations Tour Meeting Map

Below is a map of the County Conversations Tour Meetings that have taken place. Counties filled in with their corresponding district color had a member from the county in attendance at the meeting.