Membership Benefits

  • Advocacy


    Advocacy services at state and federal government levels

    • Advocates at the state legislature, including promoting legislation beneficial to counties and opposing legislation that is harmful
    • Undertakes federal advocacy through the National Association of Counties and NCACC’s federal consultant

    Policy expertise

    • Provides expertise in multiple areas, including health and human services, justice and public safety, education, finance, elections, environment and transportation, and to state executive and legislative staff on the effect of decisions on counties

    Liaison between state agencies and counties

    Regular communication on legislative developments

    • Reports on state government legislative and executive activities through speaking engagements, electronic newsletters, videos, podcasts, and webinars
    • Hosts webinars and provides information as needed to equip county managers and others on legislative actions and other hot topics
  • Education & Conferences

    Education & Conferences

    Educational offerings

    • Offers year-round live and web-based education and leadership programs for newly elected and veteran county commissioners – often in partnership with the Center for Public Leadership and Governance at the UNC School of Government – to provide them the knowledge and skills needed to lead and govern their counties

    Relationship building opportunities

    • Provides free access to networking forums including District Meetings, County Assembly Day and Steering Committee Meetings


    • Recognizes commissioners for their commitment to lifelong learning through the Local Elected Leaders Academy and the Advanced Leadership Corps

    Youth development

    • Helps develop future county leaders through NCACC YouthVoice, which annually teaches county government and leadership skills to students ages 14-18
    • Provides support and funding for the NCACC-ICMA County Management Fellowship Program, which provides a hands-on, full-time mentoring experience for recent masters-level graduates to promote careers in county management
  • Member Services

    Member Services

    Cost recovery programs

    • Administers Debt Setoff Program which returned $19.3 million to local governments in 2019 and $324 million since inception
    • Facilitates EMS Medicaid which returned $41.9 million to counties in 2018 and $471 million since inception

    Awards program

    • Offers LGFCU Excellence in Innovation Program which awards $10,000 to county employees for innovative work and serves as a method to share best practices

    Cost savings programs

    • Endorses and administers cost savings programs for purchasing, surplus material sales, vehicle fleet management, cyber security services, employee retirement and life insurance benefits, medical, dental, vision and prescription discounts for citizens, and management consulting
  • Outreach Services

    Outreach Services

    Offers North Carolina Property Tax Solution (NCPTS), a resource available to counties to streamline and optimize all aspects of the property tax process

    • Collaborative nine-member Oversight Committee that serves to continuously improve NCPTS and promote best practice sharing among member counties
    • Proactive consultation and legislative monitoring of tax-related developments by David Baker, NCACC Director of Tax and Revenue Outreach and former Director of the Local Government Division of NC Division of Revenue

    County operations consultation

    • Advises county management by providing ongoing outreach and support on developing budgets and trouble-shooting county-specific issues

    County strategic planning support

    • Provides retreat facilitation and board leadership development, resource and consultation teams and recruitment assistance for vacant county positions

  • Risk Management

    Risk Management

    Comprehensive protection

    • Offers property & liability as well as workers compensation insurance coverage
    • Largest and most continuous provider of North Carolina County Government insurance protection, managed by Board of Trustees comprised of counties

    Educational opportunities

    • Teaches safety programs designed to protect county assets, activities and employees
    • Offers scholarships to risk managers for educational purposes

    Reconstruction appraisal service for county-owned buildings and properties

    Access to legal and consultative services

    • Has unmatched experience in legal defense for law enforcement and public officials
    • Equips county with practical risk management advice through support and training services such as the Human Resources Legal Helpline and CountyCollege
  • Research


    Survey data and reports

    • Collects and publishes survey data from NC counties
    • Conducts the annual Budget and Tax Survey by compiling information from all 100 counties on budget actions, including school appropriations
    • Compiles the annual County Map Book, a geographical presentation of essential county indicators
    • Produces annual “Tax Rate Survey” and Budget Guidance reports to help county management with budgeting and benchmarking

    Issue analysis and consultative services

    • Offers presentations and issue analysis on the economy, taxes, budgeting, local government legal issues, and specific policy issues
    • Publishes election information and county referenda results and analysis
    • Provides data and best practice information to county managers to help drive excellent service delivery
    • Responds to individual research requests for data and analysis from commissioners and county staff
  • Legal


    Consultation on legal issues impacting counties

    • Serves as a resource to county commissioners, county attorneys and county staff on understanding legal aspects of issues impacting counties
    • Files amicus briefs with appellate courts on county issues of statewide significance
    • Analyzes legal impacts of proposed legislation
    • Provides regular communications and forums to keep counties apprised of developing legal matters that could impact counties

    Annual Attorneys Conference

    • Organizes statewide Annual Attorneys Conference to provide continuing legal education credits pertinent to counties and a forum for county attorneys to discuss common issues and approaches
  • Communications


    Communicate the positive impact of county government

    • Tells the story of North Carolina counties through CountyQuarterly magazine, which is mailed to all county commissioners, managers, clerks, legislators, county libraries and others, and CountyCast podcast, distributed on a bi-monthly basis
    • Distributes periodic videos, newsletters and emails to keep membership and others informed on Association and county-related issues

    Tools to help counties tell their stories

    • Provides “take home” press release templates for customizing and sending to local media to promote county involvement in Association events and meetings
    • Provides resources and other information and news through Association’s website,