Opioid Settlements Assistance

The NCACC strives to support local governments in utilizing opioid settlement funds to maximize resources and impact through technical assistance, outreach and training, and collaboration.

Supports and Assistance for Counties

Strategic Action Planning

  • Prioritization of evidence-based strategies
  • MOA consultations

Collaborations of Connections

  • Connections to technical experts
  • Cross-county peer connections
  • Hands-on support from NCACC Strategic Project Coordinators

Program Implementation Support

  • Education and training
  • Consultation and coaching
  • Outreach
  • Evaluation and data reporting
  • Preparation of financial reporting

Sample Resolution Template Authorizing Kroger Settlement Sign On and SAAF-2 Approval

The NCACC has developed sample language for local governments to use when drafting the resolution to authorize the execution of all documents necessary to enter into opioid settlement agreements with Kroger and to execute the SAAF-2. Access the sample language here.

Sample Spending Authorization Language for County Resolutions or Ordinances

The NCACC has developed sample language for counties to use when drafting a local spending authorization resolution or ordinance pertaining to the expenditure of opioid settlement funding governed by the NC MOA. Access the sample language here.

Exhibit C Collaborative Strategic Planning Worksheets for Option B Report and Recommendations

These worksheets were developed for local governments engaging in a collaborative strategic planning process to determine use of the National Opioid Settlement funds awarded to their communities. Access the Exhibit C Worksheets here.

NC Opioid Settlements Measures Models

These measures models were designed to help local governments report on process, quality, and outcome measures associated with the planning and implementation of opioid abatement strategies. Access the NC Opioid Settlements Measures Models here.

Webinar Series

This series of webinars focuses on evidence-based, high-impact strategies that local governments may pursue to address the opioid overdose epidemic utilizing funds from the national settlements. View the archived series available within the library of on-demand webinars at ncopioidsettlement.org.

Questions for the Opioid Settlements Technical Assistance Team

If you have any questions about the settlements or would like to brainstorm about projects your county is working on, please reach out to [email protected].

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