Ordering FirstNet Courses through CountyCollege

In 2018, NCACC Risk Control expanded CountyCollege program to allow NCACC Governmental Risk Pool members to select online training courses from FirstNet Learning’s full catalog of courses. Pool members may now access any safety and/or risk-related course free of charge.

If a course does not fit that criteria, the member may be charged under our program at the low rate of $4.25 per course registration. Examples of other courses include those on computer applications, leadership and team building.

To access FirstNet courses through the expanded CountyCollege program:

  • Select the course you want to take or to assign to your employees from the entire FirstNet Learning catalog of courses.
  • Make sure each employee who will be taking the course has been registered in the CountyCollege system. If they are not registered, either register them yourself before requesting their course enrollment or include their department and email address with your request, so that one of NCACC’s CountyCollege administrators can register them for you.
  • Email Kathy DeMay (kathy.demay@ncacc.org or RMP@ncacc.org) with the following information:
    • Include both the course Name & Catalog # (Note: Many courses are available in two versions - gated and ungated. In the ungated version, users may move freely throughout the course. In the gated version, users must successfully complete one section before moving on to the next.)
    • Names of employees who will be taking a course (or the department name if all registered employees within a department will be enrolled)
    • Deadline for completing the training. If a deadline is not included with the original request, NCACC will assign a due date of roughly four to six weeks out.
  • Once received, Kathy (see Note) will enroll the employees and notify you it’s been done. On request, she will also notify the employee of their assignment. Otherwise, that notification will be up to you.
  • Pop your popcorn and enjoy the training!

NOTE: If Kathy is not available, members may contact Denise at FirstNet: dschoengold@firstnetlearning.com