Law Enforcement Resources

A Law Enforcement Risk Control Specialist is available to assist member county Sheriffs and Jail Administrators statewide in addressing their law enforcement risk control exposures and providing assistance on policy development and training issues.

Recognizing the need for continuous law enforcement training, they will use subject matter experts as trainers in regional training facilities across the State to cover some of the most critical issues. Course content will include 1st Amendment case law, 4th Amendment search and seizure, Use of Force (specializing in Taser use), and Jail Administration. Although training on these topics has already been fully developed, they will work with Sheriffs and Jail Administrators on request to provide training on other topics. All training is provided free of charge to Pool members.

In addition, NCACC Governmental Risk Pool legal counsel is working with county sheriffs and county attorneys to develop an off-duty employment policy document customized for each county. Its purpose is to identify and address risk exposures to law enforcement staff and the general public when deputies work outside the county for other entities, such as schools or public events. Once exposures are identified, legal counsel can contractually address the additional risk.

Finally, as with all Pool member county employees, those employed in County Sheriffs’ Offices and Jails are eligible to participate in all NCACC Risk Management Services, including the Human Resources Helpline, the Cyber eRisk Portal, CountyFlix, and CountyCollege.

Need Assistance?

Contact Bob Carruth at [email protected] for assistance with law enforcement policy development and training or any other LE-related risk issues.

More Information

For more information on other NCACC Risk Management Services, you may contact any staff member at [email protected]. As noted above, all NCACC Risk Control Resources are provided free of charge to Pool members.