December 10, 2020
Contact: Lacy Pate
[email protected]

REMOTE, N.C. – The North Carolina Association of County Commissioners (NCACC) Board of Directors met virtually December 8-9, 2020 to conduct official business, swear in new Board members, and discuss legislative priorities for the upcoming legislative biennium.  

NCACC President and Martin County Commissioner Ronnie Smith presided over the meeting and welcomed new members to the Board, who were appointed to fill post-election vacancies. Kay Cashion, Guilford County Commissioner was appointed to Chair the Tax and Finance Steering Committee and Mike LaBrose, Caldwell County Commissioner was appointed to serve as Co-Chair of the Legislative Goals Committee. The full list of 2020-2021 NCACC Board members is available here.  

The Board also approved new members of the North Carolina Property Tax Solution (NCPTS) Oversight Committee, which oversees the state-of-the-art property tax program, owned, and licensed by the NCACC. The NCPTS Oversight Committee decides collectively on investments for new software enhancements for the program and responds to member counties’ needs as they arise. 

New NCPTS Oversight Committee members include Nancy Freeman, Orange County Director of Tax Administration, who will serve as the Chair of the Billing & Collections Subcommittee, and Joe Utley, Cumberland County Tax Administrator, who will serve as an At-Large member. 

During the meeting, the Board of Directors discussed nearly 50 proposed state legislative goals, which were vetted NCACC’s seven steering committees and staff, along with a dozen federal goals. Board review of proposed goals is one of several phases of the legislative goals process whereby county commissioners, county officials, and stakeholders provide input on the Association’s legislative priorities for the upcoming legislative biennium. 

Proposed legislative goals will be considered and finalized by all 100 counties at a culminating event – the NCACC Legislative Goals Conference, which will be held virtually January 14-15, 2021. Each member county appoints a voting delegate to participate in the conference to vote on goals and rank them in priority order.

In addition, Board members received staff reports on the election results, the legislative outlook at the North Carolina General Assembly, and financial and budget information. 


The North Carolina Association of County Commissioners(NCACC) is a non-partisan organization, which represents the official voice of all 100 counties on issues considered by the General Assembly, Congress, and federal and state agencies. The Association provides expertise to counties in the areas of advocacy, research, risk management and education and leadership training.