One More Thing: Collaborating to Reduce Overdose

On August 26, 2023, President Carswell unveiled his presidential initiative, One More Thing, focused on empowering North Carolina counties to invest opioid settlement dollars for the greatest impact.

During the NCACC 116th Annual Conference, newly elected NCACC President and Burke County Commissioner Johnnie Carswell announced his presidential initiative, “One More Thing,” focused on empowering North Carolina counties to invest opioid settlement dollars for the greatest impact.

“My presidential initiative will support leaders, change-makers, helpers, and healers across our great state of North Carolina to maximize opioid settlement funds to build healthier and safer communities,” said President Carswell. “In partnership with the National Association of Counties (NACo), we will establish a Planning Committee to organize events for county leaders from all over the country to address the opioid overdose epidemic.”

One More Thing Initiative

“This next year – my year as president of this Association – we are going to do one more thing,” said President Carswell.

North Carolina and our counties are leaders in the country on prevention, early intervention, harm reduction, treatment, and recovery strategies to address the opioid overdose epidemic. Over the next several months, the One More Thing initiative will establish a Planning Committee, coordinated with NACo to organize a series of convenings that will take place over the year ahead. At these events, the initiative will highlight impactful approaches to implementing opioid settlement funds in our state and across the country, bringing together county leaders from all across North Carolina and the nation to connect with one another, shine a light on best practices, and share lessons learned.  

By bringing together varying perspectives from all over, this initiative will help shape how we address the overdose crisis in our local communities and take advantage of this once in a generational opportunity, highlight the good work being done in North Carolina, and, at the same time, learn from our colleagues in other states.

2023-24 NCACC President Johnnie Carswell introducing the One More Thing initiative at the 116th NCACC Annual Conference in Wake County

  • Planning Committee
    • Johnnie Carswell, NCACC President, Burke County 
    • Mike LaBrose, Committee Co-Chair, Caldwell County
    • Shinica Thomas, Committee Co-Chair, Wake County
    • Tare Davis, NCACC President-Elect, Warren County
    • Hope Haywood, Commissioner, Randolph County
    • Wendy Jacobs, Commissioner, Durham County
    • Donnie Potter, Commissioner, Caldwell County
    • John Shaw, Commissioner, Montgomery County
    • Emily Truman, Commissioner, Gates County
    • Jennifer Greene, Health Director, Alleghany and Ashe Counties
    • Danny Scalise, Health Director, Burke County
    • Robert Nesbit, Chief of Staff, Consolidated Human Services Agency, Mecklenburg County
    • Wes Gray, Health Director, Pitt County