Risk Management

The North Carolina Association of County Commissioners’ (NCACC) Risk Management Pools (RMP) offer workers' compensation and liability and property coverages for counties and related entities. Members of the RMP enjoy comprehensive and affordable coverage designs that counties can customize to meet individual county needs. 

Workers’ Compensation Pool
The NCACC began the Workers’ Compensation Pool in 1981. Local governments were often unable to buy certain types of coverages at a time when insurance rates were escalating rapidly and the traditional insurance market could not provide the coverages that were needed to meet the counties' specific needs. 

The pool’s objective, created by counties to meet their specific needs, was to help counties jointly manage this risk and prevent future insurance market changes from creating havoc on county budgets. The pool not only provides coverages for county members but also helps its members gain control of their losses. With the oversight of the association staff, service partner Sedgwick Claims Management Services Inc. (SCMS) administers the pool’s claims so members can receive prompt and responsive claims administration. The association staff and SCMS manage the day-to-day operations. Since inception, the pool has extended its membership from 65 to 138 members. 

Liability and Property Pool
Following a feasibility study, the NCACC created the Liability and Property Pool in 1986. For the same reasons the Workers' Compensation Pool was created, the Liability and Property Pool was created. 

This pool is also administed by SCMS with the association's oversight. In 1986 the pool began with 16 members; currently, we have 109 members.

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Risk Management Director Michael Kelly or Deputy Director of Risk Management Charlie Eaton