County Quarterly Display Ads

County Quarterly is the official quarterly magazine published by the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners. Complimentary copies are sent to county commissioners, managers, assistant managers, clerks, legislators, public libraries, and other state associations. Advertising in County Quarterly is a great way to increase awareness of your organization’s services to county governments at a cost-effective price.

Associate members receive a 10% discount on County Quarterly display ads, among other benefits. 

Ad Sizes & Pricing

Prices are per issue for 1-3 issues and per year for 4 issues. Receive a 15% discount for 4 or more issues. All ads should be designed full bleed.  

Ad SizeDimensions (w x h in inches)1-3 Issues (per issue)4 issues (annual price)
Full Page8.5 x 11 inches $1000
$900 Associate Members
$3400  $600 savings
$3060 Associate Members
Half Page8.5 x 5.5 Inches$750
$675 Associate Members
$2550  $450 savings
$2295 Associate Members
Quarter Page4.25 x 5.5 Inches$500
$450 Associate Members
$1700  $200 savings
$1530 Associate Members

Ads should be submitted electronically at 300 dots per inch (dpi) in the appropriate size. PDF is preferred, although other formats are acceptable. Advertisers receive a complimentary copy of County Quarterly for the length of their advertising contract.

Notice on display advertising

The NCACC retains the right to refuse any display ad to any applicant for any reason. The NCACC also retains the right to terminate an advertising contract with any advertiser at any time.

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Advertising Submission and Printing Schedule

IssueContent Ad Deadline
Winter 2018-19 (Dec-Feb)1/18/19
Spring 2019 (Mar-May)4/19/19
Summer 2019 (Jun-Aug)7/19/19
Fall 201910/18/19
Winter 2019-201/17/20