Rules of Procedure: Selected N.C. General Statutes

G.S. 153A-39 to -53Organization and Procedure
G.S. 153A-40Meetings
G.S. 153A-41Rules of Procedure
G.S. 153A-42Minutes
G.S. 153A-43Quorum
G.S. 153A-44Excused from Voting; Conflicts
G.S. 153A-45 to -50Ordinances
G.S. 153A-52Public Hearing
G.S. 153A-52.1Public Comment
G.S. 153A-53160A-86 to -87Ethics
G.S. Chapter 143, Article 33CPublic Meetings
G.S. 143-318.10Public Meetings, General
G.S. 143-318.11Closed Sessions
G.S. 143-318.12Notice of Meetings
G.S. 143-318.13Ballots
G.S. 143-318.14Recording Meetings
G.S. 143-318.17Disruption of Meetings