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Winter 2024 CountyQuarterly — Profile in Service

Wake County leaders and residents were saddened by the news of Commissioner James West’s passing on November 18, 2023. Lauded as a “pillar of public service,” Dr. West showed up for all of his communities consistently and thoughtfully.

Winter 2024 CountyQuarterly — Feature Article

As the lights go down in a room full of veterans, the screen shows a career military veteran who has been elected as a county commissioner. Then, the sound of his voice fills the air with words describing what veterans encounter and struggle through transitioning from military life back to civilian life. Their journey is worth telling because this story is important. It matters. The audience becomes a part of a powerful moment in the documentary. 

Fall 2023 CountyQuarterly — Feature Article

Community colleges support counties and vice versa. In North Carolina, community colleges are purposefully embedded in local communities, thus making them an integral part of the communities in which they are located. The relationship between counties and community colleges goes beyond collaboration. Since their inception, counties and community colleges have operated symbiotically to make North Carolina an outstanding place for business, investment, workforce talent and access to education.

Summer 2023 CountyQuarterly — Feature Article

When we think of county services, we often think of the essential services that counties provide for their residents to survive, such as law enforcement, public health, and public safety. But what about the services counties provide to ensure residents are thriving beyond their basic needs? Parks, recreation, and open spaces are just that.