Strategic Plan

In 2005, the NCACC began implementing its first strategic plan, which was subsequently updated in 2008. It was a pivotal time for the Association, as it was the first time in more than 30 years the executive leadership had changed. 2015 represented another important benchmark for the Association as a new executive director came on board and the Association had 10 years of experience towards accomplishing adopted strategic goals.

The NCACC Board of Directors recognized the importance of evaluating the Association’s achievements, as well as learning about new trends or challenges facing the counties. The purpose of the 2015 Strategic Plan is to position the Association to meet the needs of counties over the next 10 years.

NCACC 2015 Strategic Goals

Goal 1: Promote the positive impact of county government on the lives of people.

Goal 2: Enhance county leadership capabilities to address challenges, provide efficient and effective governance, and develop future leaders.

Goal 3: Empower counties to be strong, proactive, and effective voices on local, state, and national issues.

Goal 4: Facilitate and enhance relationships, collaboration, and strategic partnerships

NCACC President’s Strategic Plan Implementation Task Force

Published June 2016