Best Practices

Pool Member Resources - “Best Practices” Handouts
These handouts are available free of charge to all members of an NCACC Governmental Risk Pool. They may be requested in electronic or hard copy format. If you would like hard copies, please specify the number needed and any date deadline, if applicable. There is no limit to the number Pool members may request. To request copies, call the Resources Librarian at 919.719.1117 or email

These and other risk control resources may also be downloaded from CountyCollege under the Resources tab. The additional resources include training presentations, form and policy templates and manuals on a wide range of risk control issues.

#1—Management Role in Controlling Risk
#2—Adopting a Safety Policy
#3—Providing Feedback to Improve Performance
#4—Executive Safety Committee Steering Team Organizational Checklist

Safety Programs/Safety Committee:
Adopting a Safety Program—Safety by the Numbers
Guiding Safety Principles
Providing a Safe Workplace
Minimum Requirements for an Adequate Safety Program
Creating a Workable Employee Safety Incentive Program
Safety Inspection Checklist
Accident Response—There’s been an accident! What do I do?
OSHA Guidelines—First Aid vs. Recordable vs. Reportable

Safety Tips Series:
Contagious Diseases
Driving 101
Electrical Safety
Extension Cords
Fire Safety
Heat Illness Prevention
Portable Space Heater Safety
Slips, Trips & Falls
Slips, Trips & Falls—Indoor Hazards
Slips, Trips & Falls—Rain, Snow & Ice
Your Safety Attitude
Office Ergonomics:
Office Ergonomics Evaluation
Workstation Setup Checklist
UCLA Flexibility/Stretching Exercises
MSDs—Safety Activity Measurements
Protecting your Back

Animal Encounters
Alligator Encounter Tips
Avoiding Deer Strikes
Dog Encounter Safety
Scabies Exposure and Infestation
Tick Exposure and Treatment
Zika - What You Need to Know (CDC)
Zika Virus and Pregnancy (March of Dimes)

Emergency Management:
#1—Flood Procedures
#2—Tornado Preparedness
#3—FEMA Tornado Fact Sheet
#4—Hurricanes: Before/During/After
#5—Hurricane Preparedness Checklist
#6—Checklist of Emergency Supplies

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):
PPE—Eyewear Policy
PPE—Footwear Policy
PPE—Headgear Policy
PPE—Respiratory Protective Policy

Sheriff’s Office Operations

Solid Waste Management
Transportation / Driving 
Driving Safety 101
Working with Clients in Wheelchairs
Transporting Clients
Cell Phone Use and Driving
Use of Cruise Control & Hydroplaning
Safe Passing Procedures
Hazardous Materials:
Asbestos Management Plan
Bloodborne Pathogens
Carbon Monoxide—The Facts
Chemicals Handling
Indoor Mold and Fungus
Bldg. Maintenance/Public Utilities
Electrical Safety
Extension Cord Safety
Forklift Operation Safety
Hot Work Fires (Preventing)
Ladder Safety
Machine Safety
Swimming Pool Electrical Hazards (NC DOL)
Water Damage Prevention
Work Zone Safety
Workplace Violence:
Avoiding Aggressive Behavior
Domestic Violence in the Workplace
Handling an Irate Caller
Handling a Bomb Threat over the Phone
Stress in the Workplace
Return to Work 
Return-to-Work Programs
EMS Physical Screening Process