County Research


About County Research

The North Carolina Center for County Research is the principal repository and source of data analysis for county-based information. The center collects and publishes primary survey data from North Carolina county governments and compiles county data information from secondary data sources.       

County Research Pulse

  • The County Research Pulse is the blog for the Center for County Research. Visit The County Research Pulse to learn about research updates, survey results, and information helpful to counties. We will also highlight stories and ideas from our 100 counties.

Current Legislative Issues and Analysis

Quick Response Teams

Quick Response Teams (QRTs) were created to assist NCACC staff when highly technical issues arise that require the day-to-day working knowledge and insights that only county staff can provide. When legislation or potential regulations are introduced that may potentially impact county operations, NCACC will email a copy to the members of the relevant QRT for quick (often 24 hours or less) feedback on operational or financial impacts of the legislation and recommended modifications.

NCACC is always looking for new QRT members; for more information and to volunteer please click here.