LGFCU Excellence in Innovation Awards

LGFCU Excellence in Innovation Awards - No Year

This awards program combines the Association's previous two recognition programs - the Productivity Awards and the Outstanding County Program Awards. The Local Government Federal Credit Union, which had sponsored the NCACC's Productivity Awards for the past three years, remains as the sponsor for the new awards program. 

Details about the Award Program
The Excellence in Innovation Awards provides a total of $10,000 in rewards to county employees who develop successful programs that help counties improve services to citizens. Cash awards of $1,000 each are given to two or more programs in each of four categories - general government, health and human services, public information/participation and intergovernmental collaboration. The winning programs will be recognized and honored at an awards reception during the NCACC Annual Conference.

General Government — includes programs related to environmental protection, economic development, libraries, arts, parks and recreation, human/race relations, mentoring for employees or youth, and general county administrative services.

Human Services — includes programs related to social services, health, mental health and other programs to aid the elderly, disabled, low-income, youth, etc.

Public Information/Participation — includes any program that informs and/or seeks to involve citizens in county programs or services. Can be audience specific (news media, civic groups, youth, etc.) or the general citizenry. Can include such activities as Youth Advisory Councils or other citizens groups designed to involve constituents in the decision-making process.

Intergovernmental Collaboration — includes any program that involves more than one jurisdiction (i.e. another county, municipality or state or federal agency) in delivering services or information to county citizens.


  1. A program will be entered into only one category by NCACC staff based on the description and characteristics of the program and its outcome(s).
  2. Each entry must be approved by the county manager prior to submission (the manager’s name entry on the application signifies their approval).
  3. The official application must be filled out in its entirety and be received by the NCACC by the deadline date using the official awards application.
  4. The new program or improvement to an existing program must have taken place between Jan. 1st and Dec. 31st of the preceding year .
  5. The deadline to submit an award is May 31st.

Judging Criteria

 The judges rated each program on several criteria, including productivity enhancements, use of available resources, ability for this program to be replicated by other counties and use of technology.

A productivity improvement is defined as achieving one of the following objectives:

  • The same level of service delivered at a lower cost 
  • A higher level of service delivered at the same cost
  • Avoidance of future cost increases
  • Use of sustainable products or practices to provide a current, new or expanded service

Award Categories & Review Phase

Award submissions are reviewed and evaluated by an awards committee comprised of county commissioners, county managers, county staff, management fellows, and university faculty. The review committees looked for improvements that reflect sustainable business practices or productive and creative solutions to problems, as well as enhancements that are easily transferable to other jurisdictions. There was no limit to the number of entries a county may submit.