Steering Committees

Guidance and Recommendations

While the Board of Directors ultimately sets NCACC policy, it relies on the Association’s 7 Steering Committees for guidance and recommendations. Each Steering Committee has a chairperson that represents the committee on the Board of Directors. The chairperson is appointed by the NCACC President each year.

Steering Committee membership is open to all county commissioners, as well as county staff who specialize in committee-related fields. If you would like to join a Steering Committee, please complete this sign-up form and join us for a meeting.

Steering Committee meetings are scheduled as needed to shape NCACC policy and to provide educational opportunities to steering committee members. The steering committee meeting schedule is available here.

​7 Committees

Visit each Steering Committee's page below. 

Materials from May 2020 Virtual Steering Committee Meeting

Presentations from January 2020 Steering Committee Meetings