Association Services

Voluntary Benefits Programs

Association Services is an independent insurance organization that specializes in voluntary benefits programs made available by county governments to their employees through payroll deduction.

Voluntary benefits are increasingly becoming an important part of county government benefits programs. It has been reported that as much as 80% of an employee’s insurance needs will be purchased at the work site. This is particularly true with middle income employees for whom traditional ways of buying insurance has been reduced or eliminated.

Association Services offers voluntary benefits plans that are designed to ensure that each employee is able to design insurance programs that fit their individual goals, needs and budget.

Life Insurance Plan

The whole life insurance plan available through Association Services provides elected officials and county employees a permanent life insurance option, in which the amount of life insurance will never decrease and the premium will never increase. Employees can take this coverage with them when they retire or if they change jobs. Life insurance is also available to spouses, children and grandchildren. During the initial enrollment there is little or no underwriting.

The following are features of the NCACC endorsed life insurance plan through Association Services:

  • County commissioners, employees, spouses, children, and grandchildren are eligible.
  • Premiums will never increase and the death benefit will never decrease.
  • The offer is exclusive to employees of NCACC member counties.
  • Policies remain in force at the same rate and benefit in the event of retirement or change in employment.
  • No underwriting during the initial enrollment for county commissioners and employees up to $100,000 (ages 18-60) / $50,000 (ages 60-70).
  • Each employee selects the plan that meets his/her needs and budget.
  • This plan has a guaranteed loan provision and guaranteed base policy cash values.

For more information please contact Ricky Tharrington, President:
Ricky Tharrington, President
(800) 279-1498
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