Tax Administrator

Greene County
May 20, 2021
229 Kingold Blvd, Ste D Suite D, Snow Hill, North Carolina
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229 Kingold Blvd, Ste D
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Closing Date
June 30, 2021


Performs managerial and administrative work planning, directing and managing the
land records, real and personal property appraisal, tax listing, and tax collections functions, and fills the statutory positions of the County Tax Assessor and Tax Collector.

An employee in this class plans, organizes and directs the work of a staff responsible for appraising property, listing taxes, revaluing property, maintaining property records and other files, billing and collecting taxes and handling appeals of tax assessments.  Work involves developing policies, procedures, and methods for program operations in accordance with State statutes and local ordinances; handling budget and staff management matters; and working with sensitive and controversial issues in tax assessment, collection and delinquent tax collection procedures. Significant independent judgment and initiative are required to accomplish goals. Work is performed under the administrative supervision of the County Manager and is reviewed through conferences, records and reports, feedback from the public and audits of records.


Thorough knowledge of the North Carolina Machinery Act and related laws and County tax policies and procedures governing the administration of taxes on real and personal property and of the listing, billing and collection of taxes.

Thorough knowledge of accepted practices in assessing real and personal property for farm, residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Considerable knowledge of the organization and functions of County government.

Considerable knowledge of modern supervisory principles and practices including leadership, communications, motivations, team building, and performance coaching and evaluation.

Considerable knowledge of the County’s administrative, budgeting, purchasing and personnel policies and procedures and of relevant human resource laws and regulations.    

Considerable knowledge of modern office practices and procedures required in a tax office including the use of information technology applicable to assessing, listing and collecting taxes, maintaining land records and mapping to compile records and generate reports.

Skill in collaborative conflict resolution and customer service excellence.

Ability to plan and manage the tax functions and a staff of employees and to establish priorities to meet guidelines and deadlines set by the State.

Ability to evaluate and appraise a wide variety of real and personal property.

Ability to handle sensitive and controversial tax appeals and other situations.

Ability to communicate effectively in oral and written form and to deal tactfully and courteously with the public.

Ability to interpret and explain laws, policies, and procedures relating to listing and assessing property and collection of taxes.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with State and County officials, managers, other departments, employees, attorneys, auditors and the general public.

Ability to analyze problems, look at systems, apply judgement and make effective decisions.

Special Requirements

Certification from the N.C. Department of Revenue as a Real Estate Property Appraiser within two years of employment                .

Certification by the North Carolina Tax Collection Association as a Tax Collector within two years of employment.

Possession of a valid NC driver’s license.


Essential Duties and Tasks

Plans, develops and implements an in-house program for the assessment, listing and revaluation of residential, commercial, personal and industrial property on established schedule; plans, organizes and directs tax billing and collections including delinquent collections and solid waste fees; organizes and directs the mapping and GIS functions.

Supervises and participates in the appraisal appeals process and handles highly controversial situations with taxpayers; serves as adviser to the County Manager County Board, and Board of Equalization and Review; presents information to the Board of Commissioners, Board of Equalization and Review and other groups.

Supervises and participates in delinquent tax collections determining methods and terms in accordance with laws; oversees bankruptcy and foreclosure processes in the department.

Assures that all required notices, postings, deadlines, and other guidelines are met in the tax appraisal and collection system.

Assists the County manager and Finance Director with projecting valuation totals for property value and totals for the County, municipalities and fire districts for budgeting purposes.

Manages staffing, organizational structure and delegation of work; recruits; hires; provides performance coaching and evaluation; ensures staff training and scheduling for customer service excellence.

Plans and prepares the department budget; plans and monitors operating expenditures; plans for technology needs; authorizes purchases and expenditures within the approved budget.

Meets and corresponds with tax payers; explains tax laws, policies and procedures to property owners, attorneys, real estate specialists, and the general public.

Prepares a variety of special reports for the North Carolina Department of Revenue, Finance Department County Manager, Board of Commissioners and auditors; provides special statistical reports upon request.

Performs damage assessment and coordination of reporting to various agencies.