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Camden County
August 12, 2022
P. O. Box 190, Camden, NC
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First Review of applications:  9/13/2022

Distinguishing Features of the Class

The primary purpose of the County Social Services Director position is to administer all State and Federal social services programs as established by Chapter 108A of the North Carolina General Statutes in accordance with all applicable Federal and State laws, rules, regulations, and policies.  Many duties and responsibilities of the Director are mandated in the N. C. General Statutes.  The Director is responsible for day to day operation of the Agency within the confines of those statutes.

An employee in this class performs difficult, complex administrative and managerial work with primary responsibility for planning, organizing, and staffing.  Tasks typically include program supervision and responsibility for division fiscal, personnel, strategic planning, and intergovernmental relations functions.  The Director supervises and manages the agency's administrative functions and has direct administrative supervision of agency program/team leaders.

WORK SCHEDULE:  The full-time standard workweek for this position is 40 hours.  Agency operating hours are from 8 am – 5 pm, Monday through Friday.  However, this is an exempt position from the overtime provision of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), and the Director shall work the number of hours necessary to carry out all duties of the position.  The delegated authority has been given to one or more agency staff to act as the Director’s representative in the performance of specific duties and tasks.


Major Personnel Functions:

  • Responsible for ensuring agency compliance regarding general statutes, mandates, and programmatic changes.
  • Develops department and programs, goals, and outcome measures in compliance with federal and state laws pertaining to mandated programs and services, child protection services, adult protective services, child support, assistance programs, Medicaid, and Food and Nutrition programs.
  • Develops and reviews policies; analyzes new data and forwards it to appropriate personnel; prepares for various state and federal programmatic and fiscal audits.
  • Directs the development and management of the agency budget; determines agency needs for each fiscal year through interaction with the management team; seeks new sources of funding; reviews spending trends and agency structure to enhance revenues; presents information to the Social Services Board, the County Manager, and the County Board of Commissioners for approval.
  • Responds to public requests and concerns, including complaints, record requests, and questions regarding available services; develops public education programs; participates in community meetings with various groups, agencies, and departments.
  • Serves on various mandated and non-mandated boards.
  • Responds to requests from the Social Services Board, the County Manager, and County Commissioners.
  • Maintains collaborative relationships with other local, state, and federal agencies, organizations, and groups; ensures that the agency provides training and educational opportunities for local agencies, nonprofit organizations, schools, and faith-based organizations.
  • The Director conducts social worker/supervisory performance evaluations, ensures the completion of employee performance evaluations, and approves supervisory leave. The Director advises the Administrative Officer and Supervisors in handling problems with staff and, when needed, handles all formal disciplinary actions.
  • The Director provides direct supervision to the Administrative Officer, Income Maintenance Supervisor, and Social Workers; this includes performing supervisory duties related to these positions as required. The Director provides indirect supervision to all staff.

Planning:  Work involves reviewing program objectives and service delivery needs with staff and formulating specific goals and objectives for the assigned program area.  The Director is responsible for long and short-range planning needs for programs and staff.  The Director prepares an annual Work Plan for use as a guide during the year and updates the DSS Board on progress made toward goals.  Planning for the overall operation of the agency on a day-to-day basis is essential to ensure the best utilization of staff, resources, equipment, and space.  Long-range planning is also of the utmost importance to ensure the agency meets the demands of change effectively and efficiently.

Organizing, Managing, and Directing:  The Director assigns duties and provides resources to Social Workers and Supervisors who in turn direct staff and maintain workload balance.  The Director advises these individuals on changes in work procedures to meet program demands and on issues that impact programmatic goals, objectives and policies.

Training:  The Director manages a budget for and authorizes staff to receive formal training when required or needed, funded and available.

Setting Work Standards:  Accuracy is of vital importance and is required in this position.  The Director ensures all applicable laws, policies, rules, and regulations are followed.  The Director oversees the implementation of all changes if and when necessary.

Accountability to State DHHS Agencies:  Act as liaison between the Divisions of Social Services, Medicaid Assistance, Aging and Adult Services, and Child Development and the Office of State Personnel to ensure that all state and federal policies are being followed at all times by employees with the local DSS.  Serve at the pleasure of those Divisions on committees and task forces to assist in the development and re-tooling of policy, assurance of adherence to those policies, and the procurement of funds to ensure the delivery of services and other needs as identified.  Participate in and follow all guidelines related to the ongoing monitoring of programs and accountability to both the state and federal guidelines that define the work of social services.

Other Duties:  Participate in the local emergency management plan.  This includes disaster shelter operations and other disaster response activities as needed and requested.  Any other duties deemed necessary and appropriate by the Camden County DSS Board.  The position of Director varies from a much-defined role mandated by law to intangible responsibilities that require good judgment and practical application of direction.  The duties of the position cover a multitude of responsibilities that affect the lives of citizens from birth to death.


Grade 15

68,865 - 86,004 - DOE


REQUIRED MINIMUM TRAINING:  A master’s degree in social work and two years of supervisory experience in the delivery of client services; or a bachelor’s degree in social work and three years of supervisory experience in the delivery of client services, one of which must have been in Social Services; or graduation from a four-year college or university and three years of supervisory experience in the delivery of client services, two of which must have been in Social Services; or an equivalent combination of training and experience.

Special Requirements

Must possess a valid driver’s license.



Interested applicants must complete an NC-PD-107 State Application and a Camden County Employment Application.

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Camden County is an Equal Opportunity Employer.