Director of Elections

County of Currituck
November 7, 2023
153 Courthouse Road, CURRITUCK, NC - North Carolina
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153 Courthouse Road
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Open until filled


Independently performs complex technical, administrative and managerial functions in the
operation of the office of the Currituck County Board of Elections as might be assigned by the
Currituck County Board of Elections and the Chairman.

An employee in this class is responsible for directing the registration, voting and election
activities for the county. Responsibilities include receiving and processing applications for
registration; candidate filings; processing absentee ballot applications; training and supervising
personnel; preparing for federal, state, district, county, municipal and special elections; directing
the day-to-day operation of the office, including budget proposals; providing clerical and
administrative assistance to the Currituck County Board of Elections and other duties as the
board may delegate, in accordance with the provisions of the state statutes concerning local, state
and national elections. Considerable tact and courtesy must be exercised in the extensive public
contact of this office and in the dissemination of information to the news media, political parties,
candidates and the general public. Independent judgment and initiative are required in applying
laws and administering policies to specific cases and in carrying out assignments. Duties are
performed in accordance with Chapter 163 of the North Carolina General Statutes and other
relevant federal, state and local election laws, rules and regulations, under the administrative
supervision of the county board of elections. Work is reviewed periodically through meetings of
the board and by observation and appraisal of the efficiency of office operations. Records are
subject to use and scrutiny by the general public. Attendance is required at a variety of meetings.
Upon employment (after May 1, 1995), employee must complete the State Board of Elections
certification requirements. Reports to the Chairman of the Currituck County Board of Elections
and the State Executive Secretary-Director of Elections




Prefer a minimum of an Associates Degree in business, computer science, or related fields or any equivalent combination of education and Elections experience. Thorough knowledge of electoral procedures, policies and laws as set forth by the State Board of Elections, General Statutes and Federal laws; Thorough knowledge of the ethical guidelines applicable to the position as outlined by professional organizations and/or Federal, State and local laws, rules and regulations.

Special Requirements

Must possess a valid driver’s license.


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