Building Inspector/Zoning and Codes Officer

Town of Cape Carteret
October 21, 2022
102 Dolphin St, Cape Carteret, NC
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102 Dolphin St
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November 16, 2022


Building Inspector / Zoning and Codes Officer – Town of Cape Carteret, NC

The Town of Cape Carteret is seeking applications for the position of Building Inspector / Zoning and Codes Officer.  A complete description of this employment opportunity is available at , or by contacting the Town Clerk / Human Resources Director at 252-393-8483 or   [email protected]  .  Applicants are required to submit requested information by Wednesday, November 16, 2022.




Compensation and Benefits

The starting salary for the Building Inspector / Zoning and Codes Officer position is dependent on the qualifications of the selected individual, but is expected to be between $45,000 and $65,000.  The Town offers a competitive benefits package, including employer-paid health, life, dental, and vision insurance, vacation and sick leave, NC Local Government Employees Retirement System participation, a 5% 401k contribution, and more.  




In addition to the skills and abilities necessary to perform the duties described above, the successful candidate will possess (at a minimum) a Building Inspector, Level I certificate, with a commitment to achieve additional, higher level certifications in the future.  Individuals possessing additional and higher level certifications are preferred.  Please visit the NC Code Officials Qualifications Board at for additional information. 

Special Requirements


About the Position

The Building Inspector / Zoning and Codes Officer position is a new full-time position that will be responsible for all aspects of the development review, inspection, and enforcement process in Cape Carteret. 


Existing Town staff currently handle zoning administration, floodplain management, and the administration of other Town development requirements.  Permitting and building inspection services are currently provided by Carteret County, but will be transitioned to the Town upon the hiring of an individual for this position.  CAMA permits are currently administered by Carteret County, but will eventually be transitioned to the Town in the future.  


The new position will be the primary Town staff person responsible for the following activities:


  • Review of all new development, re-development, renovation, and repair applications for residential and commercial development.


  • Issuance of zoning permits, North Carolina building - electrical - mechanical - plumbing code permits, flood damage prevention permits, and other Town development permits. After proper training, the position will also eventually be responsible for the issuance of CAMA permits in the Town’s jurisdiction.


  • Inspection of all development projects to ensure compliance with Town development regulations and North Carolina building – electrical – mechanical – plumbing codes.


  • Issuance of certificates of occupancy upon successful completion of projects.


  • Coordination of the Town’s floodplain management program, including public education and efforts to improve the Town’s CRS rating.


  • Appropriate coordination with the Western Carteret Fire Department on the proper administration of applicable fire codes.


  • Appropriate coordination with Federal, State, and County officials on issues pertaining to development in the Town.


  • Provision of outstanding customer service to property owners, developers, contractors, and neighbors with questions or concerns about the Town’s development regulations or current projects under construction.


  • With assistance from Town administrative staff, appropriate recordkeeping and reporting for all permitting, inspection, and enforcement activities.


  • Receipt, investigation, and resolution of all code enforcement concerns reported by Town residents and property owners, along with proactive efforts to ensure compliance with all applicable Town ordinances.


  • Assistance to the Town Manager in supporting the activities of the Planning Board, Board of Adjustment, and the Board of Commissioners.


Exceptional, friendly, and helpful customer service is required of all Town staff, including the Building Inspector / Zoning and Codes Officer.  It is our goal for Town staff to go above and beyond what’s expected, and show our residents and visitors that the Town of Cape Carteret is not at all like the typical, negative view of government.  Town leadership promotes friendly, helpful interaction between Town staff and residents, visitors, and the business community to resolve concerns, improve the community, and promote a positive relationship between the Town and the community.




How to Apply

Interested applicants should submit a cover letter, resume, references, copies of certificates, and salary history to Frank A. Rush, Jr., Town Manager, via email at   [email protected]   or at 


Town Manager

Town of Cape Carteret

102 Dolphin Street

Cape Carteret, NC  28584.


Applicants are due by the close of business on Wednesday, November 16, 2022.  The Town of Cape Carteret is an Equal Opportunity Employer.