Legislative Reporting

The NCACC reports on policy and newsworthy issues, legislative activity, events, and educational opportunities for counties through a variety of platforms. NCACC’s primary products for legislative reporting are the NCACC Weekly Update, State Budget Reports, and the Legislative Session Final Report.

The NCACC Weekly Update

The NCACC Weekly Update is a digital newsletter published every Friday, which includes a summary of the Association’s work, upcoming events, COVID-19 news and partner resources, county news, NCACC updates, and county job postings.

State Budget Reports

Each fiscal biennium, NCACC policy staff produce reporting documents that track the development and execution of North Carolina’s state budget. NCACC reports on county priorities contained in the Governor’s proposed budget recommendations for the North Carolina General Assembly, spending proposals considered by the North Carolina House of Representatives and Senate, and the final state budget, ratified by the legislature and signed into law by the Governor.

Legislative Session Final Report

After the North Carolina General Assembly concludes a legislative session, NCACC policy staff produce a final report on the status of legislation affecting goals, enacted legislation, and other bills of interest to counties.