Legislative Goals Conference

Before each legislative biennium, NCACC convenes a Legislative Goals Conference for counties from around the state to come together to participate in voting sessions to finalize legislative goals, which guide NCACC’s advocacy efforts. The conference is the final step in a comprehensive process, which gives each county an opportunity to shape NCACC’s legislative agenda.

Voting Procedures for Legislative Goals Conference

Every member county appoints a voting delegate to the conference. Every county in attendance has 1 vote. The voting delegate can be any county official, including non-elected officials, and a county may choose an alternate. No proxies are allowed. Goals are presented by subject category. Upon motion of any voting delegate, a proposal can be set aside for detailed discussion. Two-thirds majority votes are required to approve or alter the proposed goals.

Click here to view the Legislative Goals handbook, which provides detailed procedural information for the Legislative Goals Conference and goals development process.

Legislative Conference

2021-22 NC County Legislative Goals and Data Maps

Legislative Goals Adoption

All goals and policies approved at the Legislative Goals Conference are included in the official NCACC Legislative Goals package. The official document is a booklet containing the Association’s core values, legislative goals and guiding principles shall be delivered to all 100 counties and presented to each member of the North Carolina General Assembly, to the Governor, and to other executive branch leaders.


If you have any questions about the process or help developing a goal, please contact Amber Harris, NCACC Director of Government Relations.