2016-17: County Leadership Forum on Opioid Abuse

NCACC President and Davidson County Commissioner Fred McClure led a presidential initiative focused on confronting the opioid crisis. The cornerstone of the initiative was the County Leadership Forum on Opioid Abuse, which was designed to be a model all 100 counties could replicate. The purpose of the County Leadership Forum on Opioid Abuse was to engage local elected leaders in an informed discussion about the opioid epidemic, and develop collaborative strategies that enhance prevention, education, and treatment.

The goals of the forums were:

  • to elevate the awareness of all local elected officials so they have a common understanding of the opioid epidemic in their county;
  • to discuss its causes, its effects on citizens, and its implications for the county’s future;
  • to educate local elected leaders about successful prevention and treatment programs and provider resources available in their county;
  • to generate coordinated education, prevention and treatment strategies to reduce the occurrence of opioid addiction, overdose, and death.

Opioid forum resources

More than 50 counties held opioid forums, and many continue programs conceived during those meetings.