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County Career Ad Payments

  1. Please Note

    The NCACC will be moving office locations Friday, May, 31 through Friday, June 7, 2019. Because of this move, job postings submitted during this time may be delayed in posting to our website. Please contact with any questions.

  2. County name, municipality name, etc. goes here

  3. Must match billing address used for payment card.

  4. Job Ad Information

  5. Please enter the title of the job you are posting with us

  6. This section appears at the top of the ad and should include job duties as well as other general parts of the job description.

  7. Pull salary from job ad and place here. If none is listed put N/A.

  8. Pull qualifications from job ad and place here. If none are listed, put N/A.

  9. Pull special requirement from job ad and place here. If none are listed, put N/A.

  10. Put any instructions to applicants for submission or other general information here. If none are listed, put N/A.

  11. Payment information

  12. You will be routed through PayPal to process payment after submitting this form - however a PayPal account is not required for processing, and credit/debit cards are accepted.

    Please note that PayPal assesses a refund fee if job ad is cancelled and refund requested.

  13. If selecting this category, put a 1 here unless you are paying for multiple listings.

  14. Would you like to Feature your job listing?

  15. If you don't wish to feature your posting leave blank.

    For $25, a featured job posting includes:
    * Your listing featured at the top of our Job Opportunities page
    * Inclusion in the Featured Jobs section of the NCACC's monthly email newsletter, CountyLines

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