Board of Directors Membership
The Board of Directors and its Executive Committee make policy decisions to guide the NCACC and its staff through the year. The board consists of:
  • Five officers
  • 18 district directors
  • Elected members of the National Association of Counties (NACo) Board of Directors
  • Up to five at-large commissioners
  • Several ex-officio members who chair NCACC committees or hold other appointments
  • Up to five Past Presidents of the NCACC who are still active county commissioners

Delegates from the 100 counties gather for an annual conference each August to vote on policies and select a president, president elect, first vice president and second vice president. Commissioners from the 18 districts caucus to select their representatives for two-year terms on the Board of Directors. The president reviews the composition of the board and appoints up to five at-large directors and up to five at-large past presidents to achieve balance in terms of race, gender, political party, geographical location and population.

Because North Carolina is one of the strongest state associations within NACo, North Carolina typically has three, and sometimes four, seats on the NACo Board of Directors. In addition, the president appoints commissioners to serve as chairs of the association’s seven steering committees and can appoint commissioners to chair special task forces established to study specific issues. These commissioners also serve on the Board of Directors. The chairman of the Board of Trustees of the NCACC Risk Management Pools serves on the Board, as does the highest-ranking county manager in the N.C. City-County Management Association.

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