On-site Training

The core of the NCACC’s risk control services involves providing on-site customized training for NCACC Governmental Risk Pool members. Our team of Risk Control Specialists, along with Sedgwick, our TPA, and other outside contracted trainers, is capable of providing training on the full spectrum of safety and risk topics. Although our targeted training audience is your supervisory and management staff, we can also provide training to specific groups of employees.

The most commonly sought on-site training includes: 

Defensive Driving
Confined Space Entry
Dealing with Angry People
Accident & Incident Investigation
Trenching and Shoring
Preventing Workplace Violence
Fire Extinguisher Use
Passenger Securement Protocols
Hazard Recognition
Dealing with OSHA
Office Ergonomics
Workers Comp 101
Preventing a Data Breach
Handling Chemicals Safety
Response to an Active Shooter*

* This course takes approximately 1½ hours and has primarily been held for Safety Committees or Department heads, but it can be used to train all county employees.

Law Enforcement Risk Control Specialist Bill Halliburton is also available to assist County Sheriffs and Jail Administrators statewide in addressing their law enforcement risk control exposures, including providing assistance on policy development and training issues. Subject matter experts will be used as trainers in regional training facilities across the State. Course content will include 1st Amendment case law, 4th Amendment search and seizure, Use of Force (specializing in Taser use) and Jail Administration.

NOTE:  Many of the topics listed above have already been fully developed, and scheduling them is as easy as contacting your regional Risk Control Specialist. Note, however, if you have a training topic that isn’t listed, let us know. We will work with you to develop the needed training. All training is provided free of charge to Pool members.