County Best Practices

The purpose of this area of the NCACC website is to share county best practices. Examples are highlighted within each tab below and include video interviews as well as full descriptions of the projects. If your county has a best practice to share, please contact We thank NCACC Intern Dominique Walker for kicking off this effort during summer 2017.

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  1. Public-Private Partnership
  2. Economic Development Council
  3. Local Government Collaboration
  4. Employee-Owned Business
  5. Industrial Park Formation
  6. Quality of Life
  7. Local Farming


Tri-Hishtil is a global partnership between American, Italian, and Israeli companies that specializes in using advanced technology to grow disease-resistant plants. Tri-Hishtil uses plant-grafting, the science of connecting the vascular tissue of one plant to another. This international partnership includes Israeli-based company Hishtil, US-based TriEst, and Italian-based SIS/Centro SEIA. Each company specializes in either soil management and fumigation or plant-grafting. Agribusiness Henderson County, a public and privately funded non-profit organization, helped secure a site for the company in Mills River, North Carolina on Highway 191. This venture is projected to create 125 jobs. Mark Williams, Executive Director of Agribusiness Henderson County, provided insights into the project. For more information, go to

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