LELA Sessions

Elected officials who wish to obtain workshops/programs credits in the Local Elected Leaders Academy will have two opportunities at the 109th Annual Conference. Each of the two offerings below is worth 6 credits. 

Admission for these sessions is included in the conference registration fee for county commissioners and staff, but pre-registration is required.

Municipal officials are invited to attend!  Register for $95 per session at ncaccevents.org/events/2016-lela-sessions/.

Managing Conflict Constructively

Thursday, August 11, 10:00 a.m - 2:30 p.m.

Max Lucado once said "conflict is inevitable, but combat is optional". In addition to attitude and perspective, an individual facing conflict should also possess the appropriate knowledge and skill to effectively manage it. 

Participants in this workshop will discuss and learn useful techniques to define conflict, recognize sources of conflict, and methods to address and negotiate conflict constructively. In addition, participants will gain a better understanding of their own and others’ personality traits and qualities by referencing Real Colors temperament program.

Real Colors (with Youth Delegates)

Friday, August 12, 4:30 - 9:30 p.m.

At one time or another, everyone reaches a point where they wonder, “Why do people do the things they do?”. The answer may surprise you!

Everyone has a distinct temperament spectrum comprised of four colors: Blue, Gold, Orange, and Green. In this “Real Colors” session, attendees will learn how to quickly identify their own “color” and personal strengths, as well as those of others. Using this powerful knowledge, one can develop more effective communication skills and build better relationships by recognizing and appreciating the strengths and viewpoints of others.


The presenter for both LELA Sessions is Dan Clark, Director of the Montana State University Local Government Center. Clark joined the Local Government Center in April 2008. He previously served as the Statewide Director for the Montana Horizons program from 2006-08, and as an MSU Extension faculty member in Teton County from 1997-2006. Clark also served a four-year term as Mayor of Choteau, Montana, and is an avid hiker, cross-country skier, rock and ice climber, and mountaineer.

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