In 2015, NCACC Risk Management contracted through FirstNet Learning, Inc. (FirstNet) to provide all members of an NCACC Governmental Risk Pool access to our online training program, CountyCollege. During its first year in operation, CountyCollege offered unlimited access to one or two courses per month that were specifically designed to meet the needs of county governments. This year, the CountyCollege program has been expanded to offer Pool members access to FirstNet's full catalog of courses. 

Currently, courses that have a safety, risk control and/or liability exposure component will be provided free of charge to the member. If a course does not fit that criteria (such as those on leadership, computer applications, customer service, etc.), the member may be charged at the low rate of $4.25 per enrollment for those courses.

In addition to its educational role, CountyCollege may also be used to track and manage employee training. Self-initiated training events, such as internal classroom instruction and vendor-sponsored events, may be entered, assigned and tracked through the CountyCollege program.  Member-created events may be customized as needed and may include certification. 

Furthermore, NCACC's complete library of risk control Best Practices, presentations, form and policy templates and risk control manuals are downloadable under the CountyCollege Resources tab.  Pool members may also upload and assign their own policy documents with the option of requiring the recipients to sign off on their receipt.

To participate, each pool member must appoint two employees to act as main administrators of the program - a primary administrator and a back-up. These administrators will be responsible for enrolling employees, assigning training and tracking training completion for their county or county entity. There is no limit to the number of administrators that can be appointed, and administrators may be given different levels of access -Level 3 to access the entire employee body, Level 2 for Department Heads and Level 1 for Supervisors and Team leaders over member-created sub-groups. 

Administrators will be able to view and print records for all registered employees, whether singly, as a subgroup or department or as the entire employee population. Upon finishing a CountyCollege course, both the administrators and users may print certificates of completion to place in the employee's personnel file or keep for their own record. 

Members may ask their employees to self-enroll in CountyCollege, administrators may enroll employees or administrators may ask FirstNet to enroll employees by sending FirstNet a spreadsheet including each employee's first name, last name, department and email address. If FirstNet loads this employee roster into the system, the enrolled employees will be contacted by FirstNet with a user ID and preliminary password, unless the member includes other instructions. 

On logging on for the first time, new users will fill out their individual profile and may then change their password to something they can easily remember. Once this registration is complete, all users will have access to view their own CountyCollege record, i.e., what courses they have been assigned and their current status toward completion. 

When a course is assigned, the user will be given a time-frame in which to complete it. The member does not have to complete a course in one sitting. They may log out and, on their return, they will be asked whether they want to take up the course at the point they left off or start again at the beginning. Many courses are available in "gated" and "ungated" versions. In an ungated version, the employee may move freely through the course. In gated versions, the employee must complete each section before moving onto the next. All courses conclude with an exam, and the course is not considered complete until the user passes the exam.

Employees who don't have member-provided computer access may still be enrolled, using their immediate supervisor's or other administrator's email address. Members may then either make a computer available for those employees or conduct the course in a classroom setting using a single Internet enabled device and projector. Note, however,  if you are offering a course in a classroom setting, you must notify NCACC and FirstNet so the course completion exam may be provided in a printable format.

If you have questions about CountyCollege or any NCACC Risk Control Resource, contact NCACC at 919.719.1100 or