NCACC Risk Management has contracted through FirstNet Learning to provide all members of an NCACC governmental risk pool access to its online training management program, CountyCollege. As with all NCACC risk control resources, this program is provided free of charge to all NCACC pool members.

To participate in CountyCollege, each pool member must appoint two employees to act as Level 2 administrators of the program. Level 2 administrators will have access to the training records of all employees, and two main administrators are required so that there is a back-up whenever the primary administrator is absent. At their discretion, members are free to appoint additional Level 2 administrators. Members may also appoint an unlimited number of Level 1 administrators, whose access is limited to the training records of their own department.

The administrators will be responsible for enrolling employees, assigning training and tracking training completion for their county or entity. Administrators may enroll employees manually, or they may send a spreadsheet including the employee names, departments and email addresses to our representative at FirstNet Learning, who will then complete the enrollments. All enrolled employees will be contacted by FirstNet with a user ID and preliminary password. On logging on for the first time, new users will fill out their individual profile and may then change their password. Once the enrollment is complete, all users will have access to view their own CountyCollege record, i.e., what courses they have been assigned and their current status toward completion.

Administrators may also track their own "training" events by creating and assigning courses. Examples include staff and committee meetings, as well as actual training events, whether conducted internally or through an outside vendor.  Administrators will be able to view and print records for all enrolled employees, whether singly, as a subgroup or department or as the entire employee population. Upon finishing a CountyCollege course, both the administrators and users may print certificates of completion to place in the employee's personnel file or keep for their own record.

In 2016, its first year in operation, CountyCollege offered unlimited access to one or two courses per month which were specifically designed to meet the needs of county governments. In July 2017, the program was expanded. Replacing unlimited access to a single "course of the month," pool members now have limited access to the entire FirstNet Learning online course catalog. Each member's allotted number of free course registrations was determined by its risk exposure and past history of using NCACC Risk Control resources. When a member has exhausted its allotment of free registrations, it may then be charged for additional registrations at the steeply discounted rate of $5.50 per registration.

To register employees in a FirstNet course, administrators will email a request including the course name, the name of the enrolled employees who will take the course and the deadline for completion to The NCACC Resources Librarian will then work with FirstNet to ensure all registrations and notifications are complete.

The CountyCollege website also provides online access to download pdf versions of all NCACC Risk Control's Best Practices handouts, as well as to presentations and form and policy manual templates on a wide range of risk control topics.