2015 Strategic Plan


Empowering 100 counties to work together for the betterment of one state.


Our Association supports and promotes the well-being of all North Carolina counties through advocacy, education, research, and member services.

NCACC 2015 Strategic Goals

Goal 1: Promote the positive impact of county government on the lives of people. 

Goal 2: Enhance county leadership capabilities to address challenges, provide efficient and effective governance, and develop future leaders.

Goal 3: Empower counties to be strong, proactive, and effective voices on local, state, and national issues. 

Goal 4: Facilitate and enhance relationships, collaboration, and strategic partnerships

With a new Executive Director and 10 years of experience toward accomplishing the goals set out in our first strategic plan, the 2014-15 NCACC Board recognized the importance of evaluating the Association’s achievements, as well as learning about new trends or challenges facing the counties. Over the past year, the NCACC undertook an extensive effort to develop a refreshed strategic plan that will position the Association to meet the needs of counties over the next 10 years.

View the 2015 Strategic Plan Report here.

View the President's Strategic Plan Implementation Task Force: Report and Recommendations here

2015 Strategic Plan Cover