ACA Resources

The Affordable Care Act: Counties on the Front Line
The NCACC held a workshop Aug. 24, 2013, during its 106th Annual Conference to review the timelines and activities that are part of the Affordable Care Act's implementation, and to provide available resources to connect citizens with helpful local partners. This resource contains audio and PowerPoint slides from the 3 presenters: N.C. Institute of Medicine President/CEO Drive. Pam Silberman, Pitt County Health Director Drive. John Morrow, and Carteret County DSS Director David Atkinson.

The ACA: How It Is and How It Will Look in North Carolina Drive. Pam Silberman, President and CEO, NC Institute of Medicine ACA and County Public Health Drive. John Morrow, Pitt County Health Director David Atkinson, Carteret County Director of Social Services