Get involved

The NCACC recognizes that our most effective advocates are our elected county commissioners. We offer members several ways to get involved with our Advocacy efforts through our Grassroots Lobbying program.

Steering Committees
Interested county commissioners and staff can join one of the Association's 7 steering committees. The committees meet quarterly and examine current county issues. The steering committees also serve as the first step in our Legislative Goals Development process by reviewing ideas submitted by counties and then developing a package of goals to be submitted to the Legislative Goals Committee.

Quick Response Teams
County staff with expertise in a particular area can sign up for one of our Quick Response Teams. Teams have been formed around 10 subject areas: animal control, environment, finance, jails, personnel/human resources, planning and zoning, pretrial, public health, social services and tax administration. The team members are county staff members who provide technical, county-centered guidance related to pending legislation, regulatory proposals and state and federal agency initiatives. The teams respond to inquiries from the NCACC when county level perspective and quick guidance is needed in support of the NCACC adopted goals and other timely issues.