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Quick Response Teams

  1. While advocating on behalf of county governments members of the NCACC Government Relations staff are often confronted with highly technical issues that require the day-to-day working knowledge and insights that only county staff can provide. As a result, the NCACC has created Quick Response Teams (QRT) to collect information from county experts so that we can best advocate for county needs at the General Assembly.

  2. These QRTs are made up of county staff with extensive, technical knowledge in one of the following subject areas:

  3. Animal Control | Attorneys | Elections | Emergency Management | Environment | Finance/Tax Administration | Jail | Personnel/HR | Planning and Zoning | Public Health | Public Records/Public Notice | Social Services |

  4. When legislation is introduced that may potentially impact county operations, NCACC will email a copy of the legislation to the members of the relevant QRT for quick (often 24 hours or less) feedback on operational or financ ial impacts of the legislation and recommended modifications, if necessary. QRT members may also be called on to comment on regulations and state administrative matters outside of session. Depending on the topics being discussed some QRTs may receive multiple inquiries, while others may not receive any.

  5. The QRTs are always looking for new members and are open to any county staff members with a background in any of these areas. If you are interested in more information or volunteering to serve on a QRT, please submit the form below.

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