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Jun 28

Driver Safety Scenario

Posted to Controlling Your Risk by Todd McGee

Imagine the following scenario… It’s 11:30 on a Friday night, somewhere in rural North Carolina. “Deputy Jim Dunn” just came on shift a little more than an hour earlier, and after getting caught up on the news of the day, begins his patrol. It is a moonless night, and after a few minutes, raindrops begin to spatter on his windshield. The quietness of the night is interrupted by the call on the radio – a citizen has reported a possible drug deal going down between her grandson and a local supplier. It is urgent, as the grandmother fears trouble.

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Sep 23

Lightning – Our Sneaky Menace

Posted to Controlling your risk by Bob Carruth by Todd McGee

What do you think is the most common property-related claim for the Risk Management Pools? Although we tend to focus on the wind, rain, or fire damage claims that occur each year, none of these qualify (unless they occur as part of a named storm).

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Jul 20

August recess a chance for home cookin'

Posted to Federal advocacy update by Todd McGee

August provides an ideal time to meet with your Members of Congress locally, saving both time and money compared to scheduling the same meeting in Washington, D.C. 

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Jul 15

It’s that time of the year again – Hurricane Season!

Posted to Managing your risk by Michael Kelly by Todd McGee

Hurricane Season began June 1 and ends Nov. 30. Most emergency county staff have already dusted off their emergency management manual and given some thought to protocols and procedures to be employed in the event of a hurricane. Some may even have already participated in mock hurricane storm response drills to fine tune responsibility assignments and procedures. This month’s column is about making sure your property coverage is in order and ready to respond should a storm strike North Carolina.

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Sep 23

Two Strategies Counties Can Use To Combat Opioid Overuse, Abuse and Deaths

Posted to NCACC Leadership Blog by Todd McGee

We hear a lot in the public arena today about the overuse and misuse of prescription drugs, most notably the opioids.  It is a major public health crisis, and many of our state and local leaders in North Carolina are paying close attention.

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