County Leadership Forum on Opioid Abuse

The purpose of the County Leadership Forum on Opioid Abuse is to engage local elected leaders in an informed discussion about the opioid epidemic, and develop collaborative strategies that enhance prevention, education, and treatment.


  • to elevate the awareness of all local elected officials so they have a common understanding of the opioid epidemic in their county; 
  • to discuss its causes, its effects on citizens, and its implications for the county’s future;
  • to educate local elected leaders about successful prevention and treatment programs and  provider resources available in their county;
  • to generate coordinated education, prevention and treatment strategies to reduce the occurrence of opioid addiction, overdose, and death.  

County Leadership Forums Scheduled


 County                    Date  Location
 Davidson May 5 Davidson County Community College
 Hyde July 13 Hyde County Government Center (Teleconference: Ocracoke Community Center)
 Randolph August 18 AVS Banquet Centre
 Warren August 21 Armory Civic Center
 Gaston August 31 TBA

*Please email when your forum is scheduled and to submit your follow-up report. 

Target Participants  

  • County Commissioners
  • Municipal Council members from every municipality within the county 
  • School Board members and superintendents from every LEA within the county
  • County Sheriff
  • Chief District Court Judge for the county’s judicial district
If there are existing efforts underway in your county, please consider ways to include them in your Leadership Forum.  Having all the elected officials know and understand what is available in the county, as well as what might be missing, will strengthen everyone’s resolve to reverse the epidemic trends.  

Examples of other community leaders you might want to include

  • Representative of the county medical society or the local physicians’ community, as well as pharmacists and physical therapists (consult with Board of Health or Medical Society as needed to identify a participant);
  • District Attorney or designee;
  • Chief Executive Officer of your local hospital;
  • President of the Community College;
  • Municipal Police Chiefs and First Responders

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