2016 NC Counties: Between the Lines

The North Carolina Association of County Commissioners is pleased to share this year’s county data maps.

“2016 NC Counties: Between the Lines” compiles 60 maps and follows in the trend of the “2015 County Snapshots” publication to highlight demographic, economic, and educational figures from North Carolina’s 100 counties.


“Between the Lines” is divided into ten sections: Education, Economic Development, Health Services, Human Services, Environment, Government, Residency/Property, Transportation, Public Safety, and Demographics. These categories and the associated indicators were selected based on research at the county level, timely policy discussions, and communications and recommendations from county representatives.

We hope these data will help county officials to make data-informed decisions across a range of issues. Each map includes a legend and a brief description of the data point, where applicable. The collection of maps is prefaced by an overview noting overall trends and highlights gleaned from the findings.

See the complete Between the Lines PDF here

Interactive Data Maps

Data indicators used in "Between the Lines" plus other data points are available in the Interactive Data Maps below.

Use the tabs to move between different categories, and zoom in or out to see specific counties up close. Hover over a county to see detailed data.