LELA Calendar of Events


Course or Program Date(s) Location Number of credits
Essentials of County Government Dec. 11, 2020; Jan. 8, Feb. 26, 2021 Virtual 18
Essentials of County Government Jan. 22, Feb. 25, March 23, 2021 Virtual 18

Workshops and Programs

Course or Program Date(s) Location Number of credits
Top 10 Primer: What Local Elected Officials Need to Know About Public MH/DD/SAS in NC Nov. 13 Virtual - Zoom 1
ncIMPACT Webinar: Collaborations in the Face of Crisis Nov. 18 Virtual - Zoom 1
Development Finance Toolbox Dec. 8-10 Virtual - Zoom TBD
Leading Your County Governing Board: An Orientation for County Board Chairs Dec. 16 Virtual - Zoom 2
Working Together: Counties, School Boards, and Local Funding for Public Schools Jan. 13, 2021 Virtual - Zoom 5
ncIMPACT Webinar: Using Data to Drive Decisions in the Face of Crisis Jan. 27, 2021 Virtual - Zoom 1
Working Better Together: Governing Guidance Feb. 19, 2021 Virtual - Zoom 4
Advanced Leadership Corps Aug. 1-6, 2021 Chapel Hill TBD

Note: County commissioners receive a 20 percent discount on any LELA program offered through the UNC School of Government's registration platform. Learn more at www.ncacc.org/LELA.

NCACC-Sponsored Programs and Service to the Association

Course or Program Date(s) Location Number of credits
NCACC Legislative Goals Conference Jan. 14-15, 2021 Virtual 6
114th NCACC Annual Conference Aug. 12-14, 2021 Wilmington 9

Membership on steering/advisory committees and task forces is worth 6 credits annually, provided certain attendance standards are met. Membership on the Board of Directors is worth 18 credits (attendance standards apply). Service as an NCACC officer is worth 24 credits.