LELA Calendar of Events


 Course or Program Date(s) Location Number of Credits
Essentials of County Government  January-February 2019  Varies 18 

Workshops and Programs

Course or Program Date(s) Location Number of credits
Learn to Listen Rather Than Hear (at NCACC Annual Conference) August 10, 2017 Durham 6
Engaging Women in Public Service: Designing Your Way Forward  August 25, 2017  Raleigh 
Emergency Management & Crisis Communication  September 12, 2017  Chapel Hill 
Development Finance Toolbox  September 19-20, 2017  Chapel Hill  12 
Thinking Big for Small People: Why Are County
Leaders So Enthusiastic about Pre-K for Four Year Olds?
September 25, 2017  Chapel Hill 
Capital Budgeting for Elected Officials  October 6, 2017  Chapel Hill 
Working Together: County Funding for Local Schools  October 30, 2017  Chapel Hill 
Media Relations  March 14, 2018  Chapel Hill 

LELA Two-Year Curriculum (UNC School of Government)

NCACC-Sponsored Programs and Service to the Association

Course or Program Date(s) Location Number of credits
NCACC 110th Annual Conference August 10-12, 2017 Durham 9
NCACC District Meetings Spring 2018 6 NC Locations 3

Membership on steering/advisory committees and task forces is worth 6 credits annually, provided certain attendance standards are met. Membership on the Board of Directors is worth 18 credits (attendance standards apply). Service as an NCACC officer is worth 24 credits.