2014 Annual Conference Presentations

General Sessions
Opening General Session with Neal Petersen: no Barriers, Only Solutions

Conference-Wide Youth Involvement Breakfast (Saturday)
JoCo Teen Drivers: Fighting Teen Driving Fatalities

Second General Session with Drive. Vincent Covello: Building and Repairing Trust through Communication

Thursday, Aug. 14
LELA Pre-Conference Seminar: Collaborating for Successful Economic Development

2-in-1: A How-To Guide to Governing in a Consolidated Human Services Model

Innovations in County Government

Friday, Aug. 15
Block I
Lessons in NC History: The Settlement of Appalachia and the Development of its Unique Economy

Reap What You Sow: Agriculture’s Reversal of Fortune in Western NC

Don’t Miss the (Freight) Train! Taking Advantage of Rail

Block II
Lessons in Leadership: Adapting to Change

The ABCs of Contracting with P3s

Strategically Thinking About Economic Development Plans and Policies

Block III
Network of Care: Using the Internet to Connect People with Health and Social Services

NC Connect: NC’s Plan for Broadband and the County Role

Saturday, August 16
Block IV
Risk and Crisis Communication: Practical Tools and Skills for Communicating Effectively

Governmental Immunity and County Officials: What If I Am Sued?

Running the Numbers: Demystifying Regional Economic and Social Data and Analysis