County Demographics and Data Indicators

2020 County Map Book
Visit this link to access the 2020 county map book.

2019 County Map Book
The 2019 map book is available at this link.

2018 County Map Book
The 2018 map book includes consistent data indicators to track changes as well as some new data points. See the maps.

2017 County Map Book

The 2017 map book includes data and map visualizations on health, education, agriculture, tax, and various other topics. See the maps...

2016 NC Counties: Between the Lines

Between the Lines, the 2016 publication, compiles 60 maps and follows in the trend of last year's "County Snapshots" and previous years' map books. These maps highlight demographic, economic, and educational data indicators and figures from North Carolina's 100 counties. See the maps...

County Snapshots

County Snapshots 2015 is a geographical presentation of essential county indicators that reflect the current state of North Carolina's counties. The data depicted came from a variety of state and federal resources and represent the most recent data available for each indicator. Topics include: Demographics, Agriculture, Economics, Education, Environment, Health and Human Services, and Justice and Public Safety. Read on...

State of the Counties

The 2014 State of the Counties database provides ready access to 40+ indicators of community well-being, made available for each of the 100 counties. County commissioners from across the state selected these indicators as the best available data to portray important county and community characteristics. The data will help counties assess their strengths and weaknesses, find comparisons, identify trends and establish goals for improvement. Read on...