Affordable Care Act and its impacts on counties seminar

The NCACC sponsored a 1-day seminar October 15 to help county officials better understand how implementation of the Affordable Care Act will impact county governments. Speakers from the North Carolina Institute of Medicine, the National Association of Counties and the United States Department of Health and Human Services discussed the various pieces of the legislation that impact county governments as employers and providers of public health services.

Below are the resources from these sessions. Click on the link to view the video of each session. You can also download the presentations.
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Video recordings of sessions

Affordable Care Act: Implementation in North Carolina
North Carolina has exercised some state-level choices in implementation of the Affordable Care Act. The distinctions between the national implementation and North Carolina implementation can raise questions from citizens and bewilder public policy leaders. The purpose of this discussion is to explain the activities taking place in North Carolina, describe the structure for the “navigators” who will be front line contacts for citizens, and discuss the next steps that will be occurring in the coming months.
Presenter: Pam C. Silberman, JD, DrPH, President and CEO, NC Institute of Medicine

Affordable Care Act Today: What has happened already, current activities, and what remains for 2015 and beyond
Implementation of the Affordable Care Act began in 2010; in recent months, some mandate deadlines have been delayed. These changes can leave public policy leaders and citizens confused. The purpose of this session is to clarify those parts of the Act that are already underway, describe the delays that have been approved, and discuss the requirements of the Act that become effective in the next 18 months.
Presenter: Patrick M. Allen, Womble Carlyle Sandridge and Rice, LLP

Counties as Employers: What Human Resources and Finance Officers need to know and do
The new law presents many challenges for county staff who are tasked with implementing the ACA as part of county employee benefits programs.
Presenter: Patrick M. Allen, Womble Carlyle Sandridge and Rice, LLP

County Commissioners and Managers: What Public Policy Leaders Should Know and Do
Presenter: Paul Beddoe, NACo Deputy Legislative Director of Health